Fly with Virgin Atlantic

Fly with Virgin Atlantic and earn Volare points


Extended description of the initiative

Virgin Atlantic is a British airline founded in 1984 by Sir Richard Branson.

It has a fleet of 37 new-generation aircraft deployed in the domestic market and flying long-haul to the United States, Caribbean, Asia and Israel. From 2023, it is a partner of the SkyTeam alliance.

How to accumulate points with the initiative

Volare points for flights sold by Virgin Atlantic:

Service class Booking class Points
Economy T 25% of miles flown
O, N, X, Q, E 50% of miles flown
L, U, M 100% of miles flown
Y, B, R 150% of miles flown
V 150% of miles flown
Premium H, K 100% of miles flown
W, S 150% of miles flown
Upper Class I, Z 200% of miles flown
J, C, D 200% of miles flown

Enter your Volare code when booking and/or checking-in to automatically earn Volare points.

If two weeks have passed since the date of your flight and points have not been automatically credited or you have not entered your Volare code when booking and/or checking-in, you can request the points to be credited through the “Request points” function available in your personal area.

Thanks to the “Request points” function, you will be able to enter your ticket information by filling out the appropriate sections and request your Volare points to be credited. Remember to keep your ticket handy. To make it easier for you to submit your points request, you will find below data related to Virgin Atlantic:

  • Three-digit ticket number code: 932
  • Airline code: VS

To submit the points credit request:

  • At least 14 days have to be passed since the date of the flight.
  • Points have to be claimed within 12 months from the date of the flight.
  • The request can only be made for flights operated by Virgin Atlantic starting from March 1, 2023.

  • Starting from 1 March 2023.
  • All flights sold* by ITA Airways even if operated by Virgin Atlantic are subject to the Volare regulations for points accumulation;
  • For all flights sold** directly by Virgin Atlantic, Volare Members accumulate points according to the table to which membership club multipliers must then be added: Plus +10%; Premium +20%; Executive +30%;
  • All flights made on Virgin Atlantic are qualifying and contribute to membership club attainment and/or renewal;
  • Points will only be credited on flights operated by ITA Airways or with Partner carriers with whom a frequent flyer agreement has been signed;
  • To accumulate Volare points, it is necessary to enter the Volare frequent flyer number when booking and checking in. Otherwise, no Volare points will be credited.

*That is, flights issued with ITA Airways ticket code (055) and flight code AZ

**That is, flights issued with ticket code Virgin Atlantic (932) and flight code VS