Fly with Virgin Atlantic

Fly with Virgin Atlantic and earn Volare points


Extended description of the initiative

Virgin Atlantic is a British airline founded in 1984 by Sir Richard Branson.

It has a fleet of 37 new-generation aircraft deployed in the domestic market and flying long-haul to the United States, Caribbean, Asia and Israel. From 2023, it is a partner of the SkyTeam alliance.

How to accumulate points with the initiative

Volare points for flights sold by Virgin Atlantic:

Service class Booking class Points
Economy T 25% of miles flown
O, N, X, Q, E 50% of miles flown
L, U, M 100% of miles flown
Y, B, R 150% of miles flown
V 150% of miles flown
Premium H, K 100% of miles flown
W, S 150% of miles flown
Upper Class I, Z 200% of miles flown
J, C, D 200% of miles flown

  • Starting from 1 March 2023.
  • All flights sold* by ITA Airways even if operated by Virgin Atlantic are subject to the Volare regulations for points accumulation;
  • For all flights sold** directly by Virgin Atlantic, Volare Members accumulate points according to the table to which membership club multipliers must then be added: Plus +10%; Premium +20%; Executive +30%;
  • All flights made on Virgin Atlantic are qualifying and contribute to membership club attainment and/or renewal;
  • Points will only be credited on flights operated by ITA Airways or with Partner carriers with whom a frequent flyer agreement has been signed;
  • To accumulate Volare points, it is necessary to enter the Volare frequent flyer number when booking and checking in. Otherwise, no Volare points will be credited.

*That is, flights issued with ITA Airways ticket code (055) and flight code AZ

**That is, flights issued with ticket code Virgin Atlantic (932) and flight code VS