Fly with KLM

Fly with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and collect Volare points


Extended description of the initiative

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the national airline of the Netherlands, with its hub located at Amsterdam-Schipol Airport.

A founding member of the SkyTeam alliance, it connects more than 150 destinations around the world with its flights with an innovative service.

How to accumulate points with the initiative

Volare points for flights sold by KLM:

Travel class Booking class Points
Business J, C, D 175% of miles flown
I 150% of miles flown
Z 125% of miles flown
O* 100% of miles flown
Premium Economy
(long-haul flights)
W 150% of miles flown
S 125% of miles flown
A 100% of miles flown
Economy Class Y, B 100% of miles flown
M, U, P, F 75% of miles flown
K, H, L, Q, W, A 50% of miles flown
S, T, E, N, R, V, G 25% of miles flown

  • Starting from November 20, 2023.
  • All flights sold* by ITA Airways, even if operated by KLM, follow the Volare regulations for the accumulation of points;
  • For all flights sold** directly by KLM, Volare members accumulate points based on the table to which are added the multipliers relating to the club they belong to: Plus +10%; Premium +20%; Executives + 30%;
  • The accumulation of points in class O is only provided for paid tickets. Volare points will not be credited for award tickets issued in class O;
  • All flights on KLM are eligible and contribute to the achievement and/or renewal of the membership Club;
  • Points will only be credited on flights operated by ITA Airways or with Partner carriers with whom a frequent flyer agreement has been signed;
  • To collect Volare points it is necessary to insert the Volare frequent flyer during the booking and check-in phase, in the absence of which the purchaser is not entitled to the points credit linked to the travel document.
  • KLM accrual logic is based on the distance of the flight. The distance is the number of flown miles between the origin and destination of the purchased flight. KLM applies a minimum mileage of 500 miles. For example, flying from Paris to London one-way (216 miles) on KLM marketing** in T booking class, Volare Members will earn 500 x 25% = 125 Volare Points.

*That is, flights issued with ITA Airways ticket code (055) and flight code AZ

**That is, flights issued with ticket code KLM (074) and flight code KL