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  • Discover Best Western hotels across more than 100 Italian locations.
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  • Accumulate 600 Volare points.

Extended description of the initiative

The Best Western Group, with 170 hotels across more than 100 locations in Italy, is known for the quality, care and attention to details provided to guests during their stay. Best Western Italy is the perfect solution whatever your requirements or guest type, from family vacations to business trips. Book your stay at, then accumulate 600 Volare points.

How to accumulate points with the initiative

  1. To enjoy this offer, customers must book at least one night at a Best Western hotel in Italy on Best Western direct channels and must also be registered in the Best Western Rewards loyalty program.
  2. For the attribution of points, this is completed by filling in the appropriate request form. Points will be credited within one month from the date of form completion, only after the completion of the stay. If the customer has already accumulated BWR points or points from other affiliated companies for the same stay, they will not be able to receive the 600 Volare points.

As of September 13, 2022. 

The customer will be entitled to 600 Volare points for each stay if and only if:

- The reservation was made through the group's channels ( Best Western Booking Center on the toll-free number 800-177850/individual websites);

- The customer is enrolled in the Best Western Rewards loyalty program;

- The stay took place in Italy in Best Western hotels.

Bookings made through Online Travel Agency or third parties are not valid.