Your next trip. With points.

Find out how to use your Membership Rewards® points for your trips

  • Since April 4, 2023, your expenses are even more valuable!
  • Transfer your Membership Rewards points to the Volare account, ITA Airways loyalty program
  • 1 Membership Rewards point corresponds to 1 Volare point

Extended description of the initiative

Club Membership Rewards® values every moment of you, giving you the chance to experience everything you love, points. You now also have the option of transferring Membership Rewards points to your Volare account and using them for your upcoming journeys with ITA Airways.

How to accumulate points with the initiative

Transferring your points is easy—You have to be enrolled in Volare, ITA Airways loyalty program and have your Volare code on hand.

You can redeem points in just a few simple steps:

  1. Access the following page
  2. Select the number of points to transfer and click "Transfer Points"
  3. For the first transfer, please enter your Volare code
  4. Please check your entry and confirm your request

As of 4 April 2023 American Express Card Holders will be able to transfer Membership Rewards points to the Volare loyalty account, subject to registration with the Volare program, with each Membership Rewards point equivalent to a Volare point. Points transferred to your loyalty program account may not be refunded, recredited or processed into cash or credit of any kind.

In order to apply for the transfer, it is necessary to be registered in Volare, the loyalty program of ITA Airways.

For more information on transfer methods, points accumulation, exclusions and validity procedures, please see the Comprehensive Club and Operation Regulation at Premi Membership Rewards at the following page.

Following transfer, Membership Rewards points may not be accredited to their Membership Rewards account and will be subject to Partner program Terms and Conditions at this page.

It may take up to 30 minutes to complete your point transfer request.

The ITA Airways Volare program allows a single Membership Rewards account to be combined with its Volare profile; therefore, for Holders with 2 or more Membership Rewards accounts, it will be necessary to choose the one to link to the Volare account.

Reservations are subject to availability. Prior to transferring Membership Rewards points, you should check the availability of flights on ITA Airways website.

In order to use transferred points, be sure that the request of transfer has been successfully completed on the Volare account linked to Membership Rewards.

Reservations may be subject to additional fees and/or charges of various kinds.

All requests for booking are subject to Terms and Conditions of the Partner’s loyalty program, available at the following page.

American Express is not responsible for flights availability and any other Partner program loyalty award.